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To all the people I love, with magic love

Posted to Action Poetry

Today, I said something out loud
to a friend, we were discussing
the future.
I looked out the window, at the
grey streets, the cold rain
I felt so exhausted
And the statement just fell out.

"I'm dying here"

My friend and I were talking
about living in the country together
Cow, pony, chickens, cat families
Self sufficient
with the earth, working together
Happy children
Garden, this man is quietly magic
He's not my one


I'm dying

I don't know what from

But, I have one more magic trick
up my sleeve
Then, I retire
to the place
I saw when I was eleven
and knew then, I'd end
my days there.

This man loves me
I know I have nine years
I want them to be the best
Simple magic
Time I can have.
I have lived long and well,
Since I got my full magic at 11

Today, I closed my eyes
and said "I'm so tired"
As I opened them
Tiny lights danced around me

I send out
my magic love dust
for the last time
around the world.

Then I just be......


Magic love.****************************