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My angel

Posted to Poetry

Pour your ecstacy all over me
Bolts of electricity run through me
I'll follow you
To the end of nowhere
You are my heart
I will bleed on our pretty rug
and you will clean up after me
Silence and kisses
The air holds peace
Your love frees me
Reassure me...i need it constantly
Hold me
Never let go
even when i squirm i want you inside me
Absorbing me
How dare I stray from this pureness
I want to be good
for you
This love I never knew
Why do I take you for granted?
I am such a fool
I promise I'll appreciate you
Fuck you I hate you
I didn't mean that
NUTS and bolts
you are the sunset I breathe
You have given me the happiness
I try to resist
Sadness was never good to me
so why am I in love with it's sanctity
Have I become so accustomed to it
that I don't want to release it
I promise
I'll try to be the girl- the woman- you deserve
'cause I know my tears are sour
and my smile tastes better
or so they say
One day
I'll drown with pleasure in your beauty
You put up with my craziness
you love me despite my psychotic mood swings, my demands...
I am a bitch, your bitch
I'm smiling and
it feels good