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the great wall of china

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by Kafka.. its contents seperate the stories in these groups:

Longer Stories
Short Stories and Fables
and Aphorisms

Wonderful collection short stories.. great for reading a bit when i'm in that 'lighter' mood and dont feel like tackling something longer. So its somethin i'll be finishing off for awhile.

I just finished Joyce-portrait of the artist as a young man (again, havent read it since right after highschool). I'm studying/loving James Miller-A critical guide to leaves of grass & walt whitman-leaves of grass. I'm spending most my time on Ken Kessy-One flew over the cuckoo's nest. -shew-

Next in line are:
'The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini' and Thoreau-'Walden'....

heh, what can i say!..Used bookstore near my bank thats constantly having a 50% off sale =]