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Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymous Bosch

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by Henry Miller, is such a great book. There's a short story by Hunter called "Big Sur: the tropic of Henry Miller" (which was published in an adult mag called Rouge, you can find a copy of the text online).

If you get interested in Big Sur, I consider these two writings, and Jack's Big Sur, as a sort of Trilogy.

Chronlogically, it was Henry, Hunter, Jack.. but to read them and follow them together, you could start in any other. Each writer will get you interested in the other.
Henry's is probably the heaviest to read though.. but definitly my favorite of the 3. Jack's Big Sur is probably my favorite book of his (so far, I've yet to read tale of two cities or dharma bums (but I have read Some of the Dharma, well most of it anyways).