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Confessions of a Time Traveller

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Is a book I wouldn't write.
When I hopped at year 2150A.D
I couldn't see NOTHIN !!!
and backtracking into history
have been so painful
and NOTHIN' changes
just the facts are so different
than what has been recorded
supposedly they rewrote facts
destorted to suit convenience.
Lost species, lost races
not a trace remains.
2020A.D I hit Santa Anita
It was a donkey race
I wanted to make a wager
the would be winner was 10 to 1
They wouldn't accept cash
all was credit in the iris of the eye
and mine registered blind.
I talked this android into making the bet
and when his credit rating skyrocketed
after the race, he offered me a bed
and his wife who was pure sillicone
and smelled like pineapple.
On my way back the authorities
wouldn't allow any goods taken
out of time and dimension
so I came back empty handed.
Since you asked...General Dynamics
is a solid bet, the stock will rocket
before it hits the bottom,
as for the timing, that should cost you
a buck or two, after all a poet has to make
a living in the hard times
of the here and now.
For the winner of the Kentucky derby
send 1000bucks my way, in advance and cash
in $100bills only 'In God we trust'
signed by Greenspan himself.
( WINK * )