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my first faulkner experience was "barn burning." had to read it in high school and i despised it... faulkner's got this style that's very hard to wade through, and my 9th grade mind didn't feel like doing very much wading. i managed to successfully avoid faulkner until my sophomore year of college when i was taking an american lit. class, and the professor was this huge faulkner expert... and that's when i tried out the sound and the fury. at first i didn't like it too much, because the first two sections are quite difficult... i mean, the first one's told from the perspective of a three year old living in a thirty three year old body, and the second section's from the perspective of a schizophrenic. but after those two sections, the book gets a lot easier to read... faulkner's style still isn't easy, but hitting the third section is like taking a huge gulp of fresh air. i do really admire the book... and faulkner's gift of transporting the reader directly inside the heads of his characters...

even wrote a paper on it. about section two.

another good one is light in august, which also seems easy after the sound and the fury.

those are the only things of faulkner's i've read... if you do find out the name of the road trip book, i'd be interested.