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Ever been so sad that all you want to do
is write
you know,
Just put it all down on paper
and let it breathe there
far away from you.
Ever been so sad,
That you cant even write anymore?
all your curling descriptions lay in the same place
that all your curling relationships lay
All your left with is bullshit
masses of it
thousands of people that know better
maybe they do
think they would help you out?
or do you think they would use their knowledge
and their power
and turn it against you
to make you feel even worse.
To be honest,
and what else is it you can be
when your so tired
so damn tired of everything and all the surrounding bullshit
bullshit thats freer than love
and more respected
you be honest
make sure your the only one left standing
who has the truth in both palms
and is willing t dish it out for free.
You be honest to yourself
and you be honest to everyone else
and if they walk over you
they walk over you.
Because thats what their good at
so dont deny them their right to bullshit
there would be nothing left
for these small minded, nasty people.
Nothing for them to do
but find more time
to stop you from exsisting
still doesnt stop me from aching though
aching for less hard work,
thats all this is
its just damn hard work dealing with you
trying to stop the words from tumbling from my lips
words that should be tumbled onto page
but there not
and Im left with a depressing exscuse for a poem
just because I have no one to talk to
and Im learning not to trust anyone
seems I was misinformed
I thought things could be different
thought I could live a hendrix song
thought I could spread a smile
now Im the page
for you to smear your bullshit on
in a bullshit attempt at poetry.