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cool quote

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i really liked that...

yep you sure know your stuff, i appreciate your obvious knowledge...

and hepkat, i wasn't really trying to disagree with you at all, i just figure that surrealism was so much more impacting and important than dada, cuz dada was so much blatant rebellion and duchamp's "if i call it art it isn't" pedantics, rather than the complexity and tight lipped politics of surrealism, and according to most art historians (admittedly i come a little more educated in the painting history than the literature), breton's involvement with dada was backseat to his leadership and association with surrealism, especially considering his relationships and involvements with people like dali and even freud.

anyway, i figure it's all pretty cool stuff. i love seeing photos of breton- he looks like a pretty hip cat himself... but for me, dali and magritte take the cake!