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the world moves in one direction
and im walking the other way.
please, baby doll,
consider this side, the better half of me.
consider what i said, and what i did-
consider how i ran and how i hid,
consider that part of me to be dead.

sometimes i cant help but feel
that the walls are closing in
-and the picture you gave me for my birthday
is falling right off those walls.
mirror mirror in my mind, whos the better half after all.
everyone can run before they crawl.

why oh why
did my dad said never cry.
who are you, to sit in my doorway and tell me to act like a man?
who are you to lie on my bed, clutter up my head
(with your dirty laundry)
and tell me what god meant when god said
"-may cast the first stone"

i know who you are
what you will become.
i know what you want-
why you dance to his drum
why you try to strum
your way through a melody, a serenade.
and the sky is like pink lemonade
and the sky is like pink lemonade.
but im waitinng in the shade.
waiting for the parade.