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Highway Six

Posted to Poetry

well its always the same,
nothing ever changes
everyday, the sun always rises.
everyway you slice the pie,
its always sliced.
and another day goes
and another dream goes with it.

and while the moon and sun play hide and go seek,
i lay in the back of this truck
trying to sleep,
trying to breathe
-knowing tomorrow is more of the same.
the wind takes me away, just as the leaves.

the road never ends,
and it never begins.
before i make it to Austin,
ill shut my eye lids.
and if im lucky,
i wont wake up -----i wont feel the impact.

another day gone, another pack smoked.
and im walking this life like im walking a tightrope.
and it never begins,
and it never ends,
and theres never hope
with youre out on this road.
out on this road.