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my funny valentine

Posted to Action Poetry

started with late night
after thoughts
dialin my lover
on eddie's little cell
ring ring
i hear that voice
that speaks with
hand movements down my body
ready to let me in
back to work though
day light still hidden
and we were told
"you guys are off"
so i go,
without washin up
filthy version of me
in designer wallpaper
to hide what is there
mass transit systems
yet again
the man with
beer vomit tee on
sittin beside me
who smells worse
then to wait
on a bus
as the sun peeks out
on v-day
my excitement grows
my lover waits
i take the bus
and try to let
the numbers fade with
the mornin dew
espers in the air
as i see kids
"are you new here"
"i've never seen you on this us to go to school before though"
"oh, (i blush) i'm old, i am goin home"
heh, flattery by a ten year old
to pin my heart
on my new kid name tag
my stop arrives,
slowly i smoke my red
and listen to tracy chapman
here i am,
buzz myself in the gate
and open the door
to roses and presents
follow'd by those hands
that can speak of
my body's contour
like no other
kisses and more sweat
before our shower
i drift to elysia
after more pantin
and exhanges of thanks
"i love you"
echoes as i slip
out of the sheets
and into premonitions
we stay'd in bed
til five in the evenin
hope you all had as pleasant a time as i did