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bang the drum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted to Action Poetry

continuous flow
"lay a
baking beat down
rasta man"
udu will do
and the ceramic
will firey ring
and the capn' morgan
will bring
smiling faces
dancing aces
one eyed jacks
fools and fire eaters
beast tamers
and the daily
no way it's
supposeed to be
and what about this not to be?
could you even ask
that ???????
your here!!!!!
thats the key
the missing anser
in a not knowing world
and the roadmap
for the soul
it's about to become a whole
and the slim jim
on the rim
and falling
forever falling
and the stuck
neon hockey puck
laughed when she said,
"wanna buy a duck?"
cause I always did
a fact I never kept hid
she left me holdin' the scum bag
surprised aint even close to
the feeling and it is not
just a word.....
time is on my side
and it does come around
and face it my lil lucy
we all gotta play the fool
to get it on shoot a game
of 8 the pool
my life it's ups and downs
yet...I'll hold my head up
whether laffin or crying
to the whole sky
drinking the tears of heaven
before I finally lie down.......WIREMAN