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what could you see when you looked at me?

Posted to Action Poetry

what could you see
when you looked at me?

could you see my soul
my spirit? the whole of me
opening up like Love
showing through
the irises staring new
from one heart into
the next?

could you see
the the rest
of me
on your arm,
the charm of you
holding my truth,
my youth giving
and living
in a moment
of peace?

could you see
the release
of hope
spilled out
on a pillow
with tears,
fears dispelled,
hell dropping out
of the bottom of nowhere
as there i was looking
up at you, a tree
growing renewed
by faith?

could you see
that forever
is never
too late?

could you see
my breath
on the mirror
of your eyes,
the sky inhaled
by tries, the little
things that only
could be signified
by ecstasy?

could you see
inside of me?

i am just a heart
running free
from the always
and the never be
and i am glad
you could see me,
no mistaking
my face.

thank you
for taking
the time
for looking
at what