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i'm trying...

Posted to Action Poetry

i'm trying to see but i'm
the epitomy of helen keller,
staring blankly into space,
erased by the end of a pen,
not knowing when from then
and how from why
and yet i try to
find my way
around the
of furniture
while my back
was turned,
the burn of the yearn
of eyes i can't see
staring through
the back of me,
my head on fire
like the entire of it
has been split
into to halves of it
and i have no cane,
no shades, no little silver
cup to clink, and i blink
and blink and blink
but still the contacts
are misty, cloudy like
the reign has come
and gone, my kingdom
done, his will blocking
out the sun and
if i could see you,
i would, but it's like
i remember when i stood
there crying, each drop of Time
forming rainbows on the inside
of my wide expanse of touch
and nothing much
can ever help
to let the shadows
of the night fade
and so i am jaded,
persuaded only
by the path
i made
next to me,

a woman
blinded by
the haunting
of a ghost
she cannot see