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the answer to the riddles of the universe

Posted to Action Poetry

i'm rewriting the genetic code
in my spare time, a massive
undertaking covered with
sugar & empty green bean cans,
this eternal wisdom i've
been given manifests itself
in mysterious ways, i speak
the language of cold french
fries, see hidden meaning in
the way a string is tied around
the stair rail, am able to sub-
consciously feel the way a
soap bubble pops as it rises
slowly from the lips of a two-
year-old toward the mad harangue
of blue heaven, i've said it
before & i'll say say it again, if
you turn to page 32 in any book
you will find the answer to
the riddles of the universe, me
i'm a leg man, i love the way
your calf muscles flex as you
walk along the sidewalk as
perfect as pure whipped cream

-- markk