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Knock until the door opens

Posted to Action Poetry

the taxi pulled up to the Haywire Hotel
I'm thinking, 'hope i got the address right'
and then I knew when I saw the smoke
pouring from the upstairs window
third from the right.

A tentative knock on the door and
that would never do
the music was sooo LOUD noone could
hear me standing outside the inner sanctum
of those wild men and their glories
bazaar pounding issued from within

I could hear howls above the music
a distorted gagging and shaking
another knock from me
this time louder and more insistant
the music stopped and a hush
like babies breath filled the air

then after what seemed like the longest day
and equinox of time and space
the door swung open and there you were
a slightly crooked smile
just like I imagined
a book in your hand opened to page 32

"I have great legs I said...well, they
used to be great, now they are pillars
to hold me up." You all the time staring
at me like my spaceship must be
double parked outside.

"I found the answer to the riddles,
just like you said. On page 32 of
of Martha's Stewart's cookbook"
You smiled, I had said enough and
I didn't dare go in but it all
came rushing back.
That day at the Haywire Hotel...