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Wow -- a fine tension named & so (post-s--- viral) producin. itself in readerconsciousness: seen vs. Real -- thinkin. vs. progressin. -- 4th line reverb.....s w/ mindfuck power (i.e. efficacy) 'dying' o..thinkin. or dyin. into Real? Dying or DYING? Selfruinin. in effort to 'climb' to 'run' or transcendin.? E.en that questionin. is located in thinkin.: raisin. & perceptuation of power o..Named tension -- &c. --

in followin. verses Heraclitus' own logocentrism may be transcended dialectik.. by liberatin. critik power o..his own thought (say) -- intervention nondiscursive (????) in classical philosophy & hence (in original source o..intervention i.e. context [????]) all philosophy -- thinkin. -- livin. -- eech!