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the pardon...

Posted to Action Poetry

red nail polish
picking up the moonlight
eyes gravitating upwards
contact with her lips
same shade of red
wet, shiney, hungry
she licks her lips
while staring at me
staring at he

blink follows wink
she speaks with green eyes
allowing me full view
her soul, her heart
i smile

reaching our to grab her hand
she squeezes my fingers
deliciously slow


my arms cross behind her back
she inches towards me
our cheeks rub tightly against
each others warmth

her arms swing behind my back
and we stand as one
under the moon
half cracked with light
the shadows of a lonesome pine
plays over our bodies
as if this was the last time

first time for both
as if forever finally meant something
we continue embracing each other
until we hear the curious sound
of a barn owl perched above us
clinging to the branch overhead

his head snaps to its side
his eyes intent upon this vision
of two people in rapt embrace

the owl continues staring down
feelsafe upon the pines limb
and we chuckle knowingly at the site
two embraced for further exploration
but stunted at the owl's insistence

his stare disrupts our desire
until we collapse upon a bed
fallen needles spread out below us
and the crunch of the needles
penetrates our knees, our backs

and i shift upon ground and
look deep into the eyes of
the owl!

with a shriek of terror
my eyes popped open to
the break of day slowing
spilling sunlight across
the walls of the bedroom
the windows shutters creaking
in the faintest of breezes
coming thru the half open window

poptarts filled with strawberries
and a cup of freshly brewed coffee
appeals to a morning appetite
sunday lays waste to saturday