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Glass Hut

Posted to Action Poetry

glass hut i stay in and look into a dark sky and wonder why this is not the paradise i imagined as a young child full of beans wanting more more more out of life demanding it! simple requests go unanswered in this strange place and the waiter brings me glasses of melted ice that i throw in his face and yell VODKA BITCH! he scuttles off and a few minutes later comes back with a glass of melted ice again.
i give up.
the beach here is made of ground up tire rubber and beer bottle dust, and the trees of recycled cardboard boxes stolen from homeless men in Austin Texas. the coconuts are old bowling balls with names like "Merv" emblazoned proudly upon them, and here comes the waiter again with a bandage made of expired phone cards all over his face.

you guessed it. a glass of melted ice, this time with cloned bugs floating in a deceased manner on the surface.
i shoot the waiter and eat him, and he tastes like plastic chicken.....