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don't take anyone or anything here too seriously, seriously. Those boys were just foolin', lots of foolin' here 'bouts.

Have fun, this place is like therapy for writers, at least it is for me. I am anal-ized at every moment, and every moment is now.

Be nice to the people here, we are micro/macro cosmos of the world. Try and get along or at least emoticon. If you get pissed, and we all do, go to the appropriate place (flame board) and don't pee on the floor.

Introduce yourself, write a profile, if you haven't already, so people feel a connection. Don't wander into a wolf pack without wagging your tail.

Make yourself comfortable and remember that this is Levi's home. There are some wild parties here, duels and murder, fashion and showbiz, angst and passion so have a good time or not, as you choose, and don't leave a mess....

Nice to meet you, posts like yours above would go into Utterances or Mindless Chatter, you decide altho we are more literary in that UT room. Drinks and snacks in the writing boards, and please try a haiku (well, that was a personal request, not in the book.)