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staring directly into eternity.......

Posted to Action Poetry

some say
it's a dangerous thing
to stare directly
into eternity -

Time is distance

it makes me
see you strong,
held sure and
secure in me
for the longevity
of an instant,
right here
on the shores
and chords of
our music fused
with the rhapsody
we share

no matter
i am, i am

and i endure there
with the whisper
on the vacant wind,
off the
spin and twist
of a moon's

and when i see your eyes
i am looking at everything
for the first time
no resistence
to the rhyme

i could never lie
here in your midst
and die to the gift of you

the night is still
i hear my ears fill
with music
which reminds
the Time
to not forget
the morning
like a cup
of tea,
bitter, the lemon
of want, sweet
the honey of
the night
with the dawn
of spring put on
like clothes
the frozen
winter with

and so
i know what
i must do
to emerge
like a slow train song
whistling from a concrete tunnel,
no topic untouched, complete
with the stun of present tense

but i'm having
conversations with myself
on occasion, none of them
making sense, the elation
of camaraderie, my enthuse

and i do so love the amuse
of conversations in rhyme,
the puns and spontaneity
sitting on the veranda
of uncertainty,
the blues of sky
descending with the sun
while the clouds
enshroud and make
their peace
with me

and so i continue,
as if i had won some
sweet significant gift

and i listen well but still don't know
what happened to the twist of Time
as i drift in and out of me

don't worry please because
i'll get along quite
well enough
in pause,
and hopefully
i will not stammer
when i show you now
and then again
the frigging hammer
which pounds my door
since nothing much is left to say
but i'm ok today,
in spite of bruises
which have come my way
but how 'bout you?
you look a bit familiar
but confused.

come here.
i have a brush of Love
and Hope in tints of art,
the saturation of my part
that i can give to you.

let us be amused
by twists of harps and blues,
this classical effusing
of a dangerous stare
deep into the dare
of dawn
i have
shades on
to remedy the chance
of blinding rays.

let's dance
the resurrection
of the days
we made!

let's stare!
i am not afraid!