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the whipsering tale of an OCD

Posted to Poetry

I count,
i count the red lights i have in a day
and i divide them by two
and thats how many steps i must take to get inside my house.

when the phone is there
and i await a call
i make sure the ringer is on.
i make sure the ringer is on every 2 and 1/2 minutes.
and i cant miss a beat.
or the world---well
god knows what will happen
and the world lives
and i live
and i live
and i live
and live
and live
and live
and i live
and then i die.
my child,
he lives
he lives
he lives
and lives
and then he dies.
in her arms.
and i live for many years
and i die only once. only once will i see nothing.
but still
only still
do i count
i count123456654321
i count the steps i take toward the kitchen,
and if they are even, then im fine
and if they are odd, then i have to wash my hands 15 times...
in 14 minutes.

and you go hopelessly, naive.
you go through stoplight after stoplight,
walk steps upon steps,
ignorantly forgetting to count,
well, your life counts!!
and you dont count it.

but they call me crazy,
they call me crazy man.