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I may be a half a day late
and a coupla dollars short
I hope it don't count me out
i need this one retort

after all the assonance
and your sonnets by the score
your near and dear sweet ramblings
i just want more more more

now you give something
for google and yahoo
references alluded to
debussy and clare de lune

then there is the china
you say you throw away
instead of having me to dine
in some old fashioned way

you say your heart is hollow
I've tried to do my part
go back and read my (unrhyming) poetry
there's an echo in my heart

(whoops see u already did thank you for the reply poem, I liked it when i worte it now that i reread it i don't anymore, now i gotta go check more of my stuff to see how bad it really is, i'm stickin with my rhyming i think)