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Sunday Shadow Play

Posted to Action Poetry

floating venus
gallery in long shadows
hummmmm.....of florescents
wail of distant siren
unfinished projects
comissions coming together
buses cruise the avenue
once again i turn
for the east
the place where the sun rises
red dawn early morning
so many expectations laid to ashes
solemn walk that leaving day
no turning back
no country dreams
no wondering bout her
no lifetime feeling
no more mass confusion
no fools blind delusion
no surging rush nor pounding roar
no waiting on the shore
heading south today
running late
phone charging
all these devices
could ya do without?
and yet I scream and shout
bellow under yellow moon
love a hoagy carmicheal tune
the stardust of a night in june
walking in a heavy dew
thought that brings back
the me
the you
the spring
the dove
the call
the call it love.........WIREMAN