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I have just flip flopped
the word play, for starters
and for the main course...

You Are Lovely People
or You Are Lunatic Poet
Yalp is the uttered sound
born through simple play
of easy linguistic circumstances.
It expresses emotions unlimited
one can swear with it, applaud with it,
one could spit it out or slide it through,
also smalltalk, mindless chatter
even profound statements can be contained in yalp.
This poet requests being yalped when clapped
" yalp...yalp...clap..clap...yaaalp...yaaalp"
This is a ritual in which we are all
participants as co-players co-creators
of special linguistic circumstances
whereby art, poetry & play
are felt and experienced spontaneously
as a continuous whole.
Yalp is a multifaceted balancing act
a working relationship between polarities
of words and images
of light and heavy
of different aspects, moods and modes
intimacy and alienation
of play and work
of pain and pleasure,
of the inner and the outer.
What is inside, what is outside?
When those circumstances are created
the inner and the outer turning into one
(YALP)will manifest
& by a sudden metamorphosis
everything will be turned into all
The word is ..
If you wanna PLAY
you got to