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Tell me with a whisper

Posted to Action Poetry

Tell me with a whisper
what you see through sleep
where silently do you wander?
when gentle night lays heavy in your heart
and lifes dream waits
simply a suggestion of what you remembered once,
Tell me,
what beauty lays bare
when you take leave of my world
and trace patterns over your own?
When the ink pot is your playground
and silvered her italics run scriptures through your soul,
how does my gentle night take you?
Tell me with a whisper,
the soft relics of a smile
stroked upon the cream canvas flesh
fickle now, in her seductive grip
taken by slumber.
Tell me, with a whisper
what gentle song plays memories
of yesterdays sighs?
And dreams in torture of tomorrows good byes?
Tell me, with a whisper.