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Today was an
ashen Wednesday
and the machine that wears the crucifix
selected a plump disciple
to keep the wheels of obedience
well oiled

while the sentinels of justice
sensibly dressed and solemn
cowered proudly with arms crossed
bowing their frowning faces in respect
and servility

a silent rage flowed haltingly
through my veins
directed at the sickness
that pervaded the air
at this gathering of the impure

revelling in imperfection

improving yourself

ash on your forehead
to hide the ash of your heart

improve yourselves!
you pale and morbid jesus freaks!

you weak minded servants
so nauseated by life
that you pray for divine mercy
and hate that
which makes you human

forego your frustration
forget the impossibility of it and
be honest
blind man
you have faith


when you’re burnt
preaching in desperation

keep your god-damn ashes
away from me!