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Mouse Eats Bacon-Cheeseburger....and Dies!

Posted to Action Poetry

he was runnin'
round wednesday morning'
corner call it cosmic shore
biting into a mass intrusion
the folly of our time
and its all a commentary
simple carnival hucksters smile
all around this twirl
this tilt-a-whirl
and she gave it for the world
ever after winds that swirl
smoke that rises in the dusk
she had the alluring scent
a tempting musk
and it lasted
till the sheen
began to rust
and world self created
crumbling to dust
in no wind of confusion
only magically stewing
and always cosmic brewing
then walking out and yahooing
into the urban night
pure pleasure
pure delight......
ring a belling
bang a gonging
not prolonging
never did have
a chance
a slowdance
a night of
sober romance
the looking down
that solemn frown
and eyes that light
the farthest flight
journey into darkest night
haunts my masquerade
the constant lifetime parade
never stopping...never staid
down the path
round the next bend
blinded by the glare
was a loving stare
a dance towards our eternity