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Gazing at the Sun

Posted to Action Poetry

In the midst of it all,
I looked directly at the sun.
Perhaps it was the lingering haze
Of the flushed horizon

That drew me to its gaze-
Or the beckon in the orange glint,
As airy and alluring as the faint breeze
That drew me to the hint
Of the illumination.

I momentarily lost sight
Of the danger or the pain,
When I gazed longingly for the right
Moment of joy and acceptance
That never truly came.

My innocence and rapture
Drew me forward, into its lair
I lost myself for a moment,
And I my heart grew still there.

I now know the heat and peril
As well as the distress-
Yet I regret nothing.
When I put to rest
my longing to bask in the golden flame,
and returned into the shade,
My eyes changed color with the tears.

In looking at the sun, I made
My own illumination, in the palm of my hand-
It grows in incandescence
As I light the energy to lose the fear
Of staring there again.