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The Plumber

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The Plumber

Fuel drums my ideology
Inescapable plurality
That drowns in oceans

My reality broke and the earth split
Dividing time between concerns
And appropriation

A jingoist nightmare
Consorted with the gold
Slipped through the fingers
Of white gloved hands

And we wave support
Through our infectious
Gazing nation
Of flag waving

We are gallant
In our repose
And we understand
Everything we suppose
Dies with out level-
Headed tribunal

All is circumspect
To whatever we surmise
As important
And we can’t remember

It bleeds through
Inside of veins
Shooting up
Without regret
And wondering why

I can hear NPR tomorrow
That will expound on issue
Now the piece
The tissue
I cannot replace

Sometimes I am unarmed
And will release my notions
Through a lingering vein

You don’t remember
Did that ever explain?
Not a goddamn thing that
Should have been realized
A year ago

All to fall in support
Of meeting signs

To eat the meat
And retire
With the plumber
The lines are clean,


The lines are clean