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Beauty, the Seductress

Posted to Action Poetry

beauty o! beauty
what are you
and why do you
have such power?
my senses activate
at the sight
at the touch
at the smell
at the taste
at the sound
of beauty o! beauty

your mystery that comes
from spaces of life
that are meant to grab
these senses of mine
and twist my logic
into forms of desire
that i cannot phantom

is it you, mother nature,
that has cast the spell
this spell of beauty
upon my fragile senses
and caused me such pain
such loss because of this quest
that seems never ending?

the search for another hit
like a junkie seeking just
one more glimpse of beauty
to sustain my imagination
to keep me alert to creation

is this your purpose?
o! beauty your seduction
does not allow anything else
to permeate my senses
for fullfillment of passion

o! beauty you have me
grabbed me by my balls
and led me into darkness
because of my loss of you
but you always return and
fill me with such hope

i find you in the forms
of humanity, imagination,
in the heart of nature,
in the forms of music,
in dance, in design,
in architecture you are
still there waiting for
me to become weak kneed

i am but a slave to your power
your suggestive power that
grabs my attention
grabs my desire
grabs my full being
and will not surrender
your necessity at adoration

i but one pale human cannot
resist your presence
and the mystery of your being

how do you seduce me?
how you seduce me i cannot say
but i know it is you
and it has always been you
that has grabbed me
with force at times
flinging me against walls
with nothing to cure me
but another glimpse of you

you o! beauty
the all powerful
can tame the wildebeest
that runs wild deep inside
a restlessness subdued
by your power in many disguises

you o! beauty
have betrayed the fools
causing them to lash out
because they cannot fully
appreciate your power
your lustfullness
your lure of mind
your lure of body
your lure of spirit

beauty i bow before you
and see you in all of life
for i am your humble servant
that will do anything for your presence
my senses cannot ignore your power
whether it is disguised in physical
seen within dreams without doubt
heard in voices of harmony
tasted in textures of gourmets
i cannot ignore you
i cannot fullfill you
i cannot keep you
you are not a whore
you are the reason for my very being

i see you in all
i desire you in life
i find you every day
from drives, from walks
all things that pass before
you are there tempting me
you goddam tease
i love you
i love you
i love you
beauty o! beauty
take me down
upon this bed
and let me have you
but i will never
fuck you beauty
but only treasure
your everything
with all that i have
in the most admirable way may find beautiful