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great expectations

Posted to Action Poetry

there was a day
when i thought i was special
when i was beautiful and talented
when he loved me
when i had a family
when i could help people
when my friends didn't paint their bodies with razors
and i had the hope
that it would be like that forever
but i was wrong
i'm not special
nor beautiful, nor talented
he doesn't love me
and i don't have a family
i'm useless
and my friend has a colection of scars
to show me just how useless
now i'll just go drown my great expectations
in the smoke of a cigarette
and maybe for two seconds
i'll forget what a fuck-up i am
or maybe i'll just write another
mediocre poem about it
or shed some silent tears...
or maybe i'll just look in the mirror
acknowledge who i am
and spare the earth
of the shame of baring my presence.