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i remember

Posted to Action Poetry

i remember you saying you wanted me to be your princess,
that youd make it all up to me
i remember you saying you'd want me to be your everything,
that ud seen in me, everything someone should be,
i remember you always asking, my face, when can you see,
well, everything i remember, everything i felt, its nothing but anger now.
you never came to see me, even tho somehow you managed to always seem to care.
its like everything you wished and cared to see was fake,
if you'd really wanted it, you wouldve come back to see me.
and then you could truthfully say you miss me from a lack of being w/ me after spending time w/ me.
you cant honestly say now you'd take the time to drive up here.
you cant honestly say now that you want me as a princess or that you honestly think i didnt want you when i did visit you.
do you think i wanted to see you just for a fuck?
that i just wanted an easy lay?
i dont think that sick way like i need a fuck everyday to be happy and i dont care who i get it from..
im not the one who wanted sex in two seconds or two wks,
it was all the same,
now on that list you'll remain the last one i've gone to see, the only one who wanted me back,
the only one w/ a lack of self esteem and yet you want me to get you high
high on yourself
high on your damn good looks and green jealous eyes
high on your life at home w/out a job and without a care to get one
you were high all the time, and then wanted me to get you high again to feel as if you were worth something, someone, but i cant give that to you now.