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it really is...

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... a wonderful piece... thanks for the translation and i was really sorta honored to see my name ;)... i guess something i wrote in my profile about the coffeehouse dream and dancing again inspired you and it makes me feel really good to inspire someone, especially to write something beautiful like this..

i must confess, i took the text to "altavista translations" and got a loose translation of it, though I did have 4 years of french classes some years back... i wasn't able to understand it all.. (of course, i have a hard time with understanding english, too, and basically i have a hard time with understanding much of anything on occasion... hehe)... so, i don't know if my reply above said exactly what i wanted it to say, but i tried anyway

so... all this to say, i enjoyed your writing very much

meet me on skyline drive.... i can get there in an hour... LOL!!! ;)