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mindless fleeing.... (or... your deal, i'm out!)

Posted to Action Poetry

(a combination of a couple mindless things i wrote on the mindless board, now somewhat mindlessly edited)

...... anybody got any valium?


the phone keeps ringing,
answering to find empty chatter
sounding like wind
blowing through
my mind,
projects looming,
no assuming
any completion
any peace,
silence never
peaks through
the incessant
the resurgence
of my spirit into
simplicity is a must
but i am tired,
by this and that
and that and this
and that
makes it
hard to
breathe out
when i have to
breathe in

i long for a cool breeze
lying still by the shore,
laps of tides singing
music while my
heart dances

but there is no fleeing from
myself while running
side by side with me,
money matters and
responsibility, the rail,
racing the
rickety clatters
of a train
that cannot stop,
like chasing the
holy grail,
no clock i see
can keep up with the
tracing of Time borrowed
from yesterday

tomorrow's like a tease,
the ceaseless wheezing
of corporate america eating out
the second hand, sloppy communications
misread and misconstrued through an eletronic
nothing and nobody listens to anyone anymore
no matter how something's been said

and there's salesmen at my dor begging to fix me
with one swoop of magic and oh god how tragic
it is to see the chasing of illusion, their intrusion
unsolicited, unwelcome, and it's true that hell comes
quick to those who hide inside the flames, but
i'm tired of racking up the games, scrabbled,
placing my well thought out tiles on triple letter scores
since there's points i can't afford and this is a game
that cannot tame the spirit, one minute words, the next
chess, and my queen is trapped in the corner when
the game turns to gin and i can't go much lower than
knocking on the table and saying i give up
so i pour my wine into a paper cup, sip
the drip of tears on the rim, write love
songs to a hymn i can't have, draw
myself a bath, soaking the years
of delay off my skin in a weak attempt
to let a clean new day begin while
every time i turn around it's night again
and sleep won't come 'til the morning fog
rises off the steam of roads traveled
and never rode, and i'm on overload
like someone zapped the circuits with a joke,
folks staring right through me, invisible like air,
and so i wonder why try to see my way to anywhere

other than the facile win
of lying with a smile and such
a glow of peace, my heart open
to the touch
of Love