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find me....

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(something i wrote last night in response to a poem written by elizabeth cor, a very fine poet on another board)


jealousy ridden within
a fraction of a part of a heart,
riddled by the pain of rev,
the start of endeavor,
the implication of dread
and doubt on an
overhead projector
spanning out
the truth while
a stolen seal
of real overcomes
the youth of a doll,
legs too tall for hips,
waist the wasted fall
of nothing at all
but the taking in
of belts, listening silently
to the heartfelt rhythms of peace
played out on music sheets
like rain had some greater

we are but soul dancers
and there's no greater cor
than the pirrouettes
and leaps beyond
the dor

greed is just a gesture
to ignore

hollow is a heart
which won't

hard the call of touch
behind a shade of much too much
while dreams have dosed
heavy in the comotose of blind

find me in the lines
find me in the lines