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The Lighthouse Keeper (I think its good, but let me know)

Posted to Poetry

Blue and brilliant, it grew, spread and rippled like a churning ocean
Faces brightened through the crowd like an epidemic
Grasping and loosening the heavy hand of depression.
The fog rose slowly, engulfing the stage with the burning passion
Sucking, Smoking, Slurring and blurring
Attracting each dark luminous eye,
The wanders looked on in amazement,
The deranged drug-fill minds watched as it floated
Each slanted, slouched body straightened to a stiff perplexity.

I watched as the bright red cherries burned and glowed in the black wall
Dark red, evil and luring, thick and heavy
The people stood and crowded around the mysterious red inferno
Relief, pain, agony, all burning away in the glowing mass,
They smoked and sucked at their relief, grasping and pushing away the heavy hand

Each smoke was a cry for help, a desperate plea for a helping hand
But the calls went unanswered, an unheard echo, another one lost
They smoked to the still ere silence of arrogance
I watched with a tentative star of bewilderment
They smoked their troubles away.

The music played, jounced my body, hurdled my mind.
Soon a bright light pierced the viscous fog, penetrated to the crowd
It melted the thickly coated hate
Baked the thin crust of unity.
It burned through the fog and lit the faces with a bright stinging light.

At that point the cherries ceased burning,
Extinguishing the evil red inferno
Putting out the rising smoke, silencing the gut wrenching cries
All I saw were the lost weary eyes finding themselves through the burning light

Like a Lighthouse the single burned through, cut like a knife through the fog
It saved some that night from a distant danger
Pulled them away from an inevitable fall
The cries went unnoticed the smoke went undetected
Yet that night they were found, by the Lighthouse keeper