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i understand that most people never reach their full potential. but. doesn't ever irk you that your IQ (or some measure of potential intelligence, take your pick) isn't higher? is it irrational and pointless to be concerned with things that you can't do anything about? with things that you can't even conceive of (of, which, conceive, dammit)? Is it possible that I was meant to be a musical genius but my dad came too early and my pitch was sopped up with a kleenex, that i have no chance at being a beethoven? that no matter how hard i try, i will never write as well as nabokov? and i'm not just talking about not being as good as other people have been, necessarily. i'm talking about not being as good as i would want to be. is it possible to have a dream that is unattainable?

so, getting back to the original question, and the topic of the evening: doesn't the idea of a fourth or tenth dimension blow?