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sting theory poem

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-two halves of a string on a translucent mirror-

and so i search your eyes,
envisioning you on glowing
glass i can't see through
and i feel you wrapping me
with the length of black long sleeves
rib-to-rib, enveloping me in your ardor,
my heart to your chest, melted in,
linking two halves of a string
long enough to connect

you're jelled straight back,
so step onto my wet surface
and ease yourself over
my waxed tile and it will be me
sprawling like a cat
on translucence,
mirrored into the
of us.

and i will reach to touch
dark taupe wool, fingers
running the length of
a pleat folding me in,
feeling your strength
piercing through
with a small pattern of grey,
the richness of houndstooth.

the wind is a renegade,
and i on its wing --
nothing to stop it
and when it's up,
its raw power
could freeze me
to death

so you will be my jacket,
warming me from harsh blown ice
over surfaces of a glass lake,
down past reflections
floating us flowing,
cloaked in yearn and fervor,
we will dive in head first,
the surface ice breaking
and swim together,
loosing the binding,
reveling in silkened touch,
yielding to the

and yes, i will fly
the phoenix ascending,
take your face in my hands,
lean my half-soul into yours,
and resurrect the lost passion
of mercury's moon rising.