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until time and space make sense

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physics... ARGGHHHHH

old pome again... geesh


we're riding on a supernova
ready to slam into empty curves
in the expanse of creation.
all there is, you know,
in the geography of space
and time apart is intervals.
it's as if we're in a continuum,
circling ourselves,
seeing each other
from two different sides
of a black hole.

physics is relentless in its reality.
there are gravity curves
in the universe
and they define us.
the only reason
the moon orbits the earth
is because of the vacancy
of one small indistinct area
in the infinity of it all,

and yet,
i am the moon pulled in,
circling but not being able
to touch down
to the earth of you.

satellites are just that.
they revolve and here i am
in evolution,
waiting patiently
until space and time
make sense.

i am drawn in by your allurement
and magnitude
but i am spinning
in waves in the space
between us,
waiting to collide
with you.

physicists say,
when a major resonance
in the curves and waves
of gravitational pull occurs,
like throwing a bowling ball
onto a trampoline,
a continuing vibration can happen

which can't be stopped

and as the fabric absorbs
the direct contact of impact,
i can already feel the waves
in my legs and arms and skin
when your eyes meet mine
somewhere on the periphery
of discovery.

it's all about resonance
and the sound of us echoing
off the missing
which makes
the space between us
seem absurd.
nothing can resonate
without something solid
for the waves
to bounce off of.

light is transmitted
from luminous bodies
to the eye by oblique movement
and i see you there somewhere
on the edge of revolution.

i realize that it might take
a significant event
like a star exploding
to cause the colliding --
a miracle of sorts --
and so i wait for a fluctuation
in the space-time continuum
to capture the tremor
and vibration of us
as we're caught in curves
without junction.

gravity and radiation are powerful forces.
aluminum resonates like a bell
and is the most abundant metal
in the earth's crust
where it always occurs
in combination

so i'm just going
to trust in that
and hope that the solid metal of us
brings about a full, mellow,
rich, deep,
profound union
because that would be
the only thing that would
make sense

and i truly believe
in the laws
of matter,
and you do to me.

tremor and vibration
are not imaginary effects
in the realm of physics.
you don't have to be einstein
to know that the theory
of relativity
has something
to do with substance,
and this does.

but how do you measure
gravity curves on the
surface of a dream?
that's the question.

there's some things
that just take time
and as we think about it,
let's spend some
figuring out how to convert
the abstract idea of us

because universal laws
have a great deal of significance
even while waiting for
space and time
to make sense.

but i love you more than all that.

we're riding on a supernova
ready to slam into empty curves
in the empty expanse
which needs filling
so, let's just forget the science
and let nature take it's course
without analyzing it, ok?