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yep, i really like him too... presently i am working for an enormous art company, selling in auctions at sea. i get to sell examples from dali's "divine comedy" (dante) as well as his bible "la biblia sacra" which he did in 64. recently we got some lithos from the 70s which are really dalinean and cool also. i have seen the bbc thingy, infact you can buy it as a dvd simply called "dali". some good interviews and stuff on there. i will check out the tatic on your recommendation. i've heard the name but never investigated. unfortunately lately i've been committed to learning only about the artists i sell, but i do try to get into as many different galleries as possible in the cities i visit... i was in europe a lot last year, which was fantastic. where would i find tatic, aside from internet searching?

regarding the "bitchy" thing, i didn't think you were, and i kinda admit that i felt sorta snobby myself with my initial reaction to your breton post... i think i was just so excited to be able to discuss real art with someone that i let my ego run away and acted kinda all-knowing, which i definitely am not! i guess i was eager to show people how much i'd learned about art, that i tried presenting myself as an expert... so anyway, hepkat, i started it! my fault! be well, take it easy,