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Mom told me "You're stoned"
I laughed and said "Yes"
I think she was stoned too
but of course she wouldn't confess
The black sheep
Both depressed,unstable freaks
Locked up, medicated, looked down upon
You cry to me then I'll cry to you
Dad says she's still on drugs
Is it true?
My brother shakes his head at us
Big man on campus
just made dean's
and I'm home....getting stoned
Am I a result of my mom's disease
Are my parents responsible for changing me
(for the worse)
Is it all me?
All a mess
Suicide attempts, visiting her in the loony bin,
mom's pregnant and has to leave
Drug addict
I worry about her constantly
I'll grab those pills I really will
If she ever does it, I'll have to follow
Codependent tragedy