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lights in the rearview mirror

Posted to Action Poetry

i peek in the rearview mirror
& there is a police car following
me, i look at my speedometer
& damn if i'm not just past
the 35 mph limit, i slow down
just a bit, alternate glances
between the mirror & the
road ahead, i make a right turn,
the cop makes a right turn,
following me closely, i'm
wondering what this bastard
has in mind, trying to make me
sweat? got up on the wrong
side of the bed? needs a damn
jelly donut? i turn again & he
turns with me, i'm rolling slow
trying to get him off my back
i turn again & he's still with
me, buzzcutmotherfucker
head tilted just following
wherever i go, i turn into
a 7-11 & pull into a parking
place, he hesitates, then
rolls on up the road without
me, i go inside, my heart
an anxiety rhythm, grab
a six pack, i'm going to
drink & drive, just to
do something really wrong
next town over can't come
fast enough & the sunset
is mean like morning to me

-- markk