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the declamatia (verse 1)

Posted to Action Poetry

verse 1

i declare the morning of
the universe, spread like
a wild cream across
the firmament of the
ages, this starting point
for all things true
& possible

i declare the advent of
trembling love, a vast
sweep through the
quartz of rhythm
speaking to me
in a language i

i declare the hurling
of all precipitous
feelings & emotions
a vantage point
from which i can
view the falling
petals of an ancient fire

i declare the vagrant
beauty that you possess
yet hoard to yerself
like a pile of copper
coins, like a treasure
of reveries

i declare the holostorm
of peculiar logic, a thinking
pattern that finds its
measure in retrospect
a cauldron of memories
& vain perceptions

i declare the image of
wisdom painted on
baby faces, a peace
of sidestepped
catastrophies that
rumbles in silver cages

i declare the lament
of the lost tomorrow,
days of grandeur
dropped like an old
rag, forgotten before
it ever begins

i declare the oracle
of godenergy the
smallest of the
smallest part, the
original building block
the cellular enigma

i declare the full
range of yer
savage intelligence
the breath of yer
meadering mind, the
forest of fluidbeds
octagonal & linear

i declare the righteous
march of the infinite
trailing me through
time like a lost dog
loyal like science

i brandish the
sword of fulfillment
oceans of opportunity
craving the hot lips
of yer magnitude
immense in pure longing

-- markk