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Your name, Mandi
Pleased to meet you
no that other chick
typing this flick
her there
in the chair
crystal wear
rocking socks bare
wide awake stare
Someone cares
no more fear
give a cheer!
for this is me, mere
Not Mandi
I'm a kidult
and i can stay up allnight
and eat all the peanut butter
so there!
and YES i do have Friends
one special
is a big kiddie like me
and he makes me laugh and laugh!
But he's still a smelly BOY!
then sometimes we play groaned ups
and play "house" with real things
He bought round a baby puppy today
and left, with baby wrapped up warm
fed, a little basket
like a dollie bed
going aww, you're such a good mum
and taking his baby off to
show his mates
I play make believe
lets pretend, that we have go to a
REALLY big shop
and give them lotsa money.
OK!! lets go!!
We are supposed to be adults they say
but we did that already
when we were kids
had to with our lives
so now
with lotsa cats
coupla mice
a wee little tiger striped pup
and playmates galore
Life is magic again

And they lived happily ever after
so there