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Today February 19th, 1971

Posted to Utterances

My friend Tyrone was shot, and
as he lay at my feet taking in
those last breaths, I felt as
though I was also. Mayhem was
comming in all directions in the
form of gunfire and shrapnel, with
yelling and wounded, yet I knelt and
stared down at my best friend as he
slipped away. His eyes were so
desperate, and I have seen them often
in my dreams over the years. Perhps as
I remained motionless as he was dying, I
too was hoping to vanish with him. I was
pulled from the scene, almost catatonic. Only
days later did I break down and wheep and yell
out. Then weeks later a dark sadness engulfed me,
as I had never known. Yet, I had to continue
fighting through all the feelings. That is the
part of war the movie never captures. Unable
to aim your weapon through the tears.

God bless you Tyrone, I think of you almost
daily, and your name is spoken in love by
your good frind Michael..