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My dinner party

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The reason I didn't answer the dinner party question yesterday was that I was reminded of a little exercise that a history teacher once set us and based on that test I thought that my answer might not be the expected and without explanation could cause confusion.
The excersise went something like this,
The teacher Mr.Robinson asked us all to name the 5 people we would really like to meet, if we could only meet 5 people in our whole lives and he recieved a wide range of answers from boy band members to notable characters in history and religion, people like Jesus and Ghandi figured highly on the list.
He then asked us to name the 5 people we would never want to meet and recieved, again, a wide range of answers from boy band members to notable nasties like Hitler, stalin and pol pot.
He then asked if we would like to see his list and then told us his 5 to meet, Hitler, Stalin, Pol pot, Idi Amin, and I can't remember the last one but I know it was another villain from history.
We were all a bit shocked by this, why would a teacher want to meet all these evil people?
He explained that whilst he admired most of the people on our lists he agreed with a lot of what they said and would spend the time probably learning very little where as with his list he would be able to ask Why? and learn from this.
History, he said, was about asking why, not just admiring people.
I don't know if other people would agree with this but it would certainly color my dinner party list, I would have to invite at least one why?