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can't you see ME?

Posted to Action Poetry

baybe, why are you trying so hard
to shine away
to lock yourself up
so that i can't reach you anymore?
baybe, don't you know that it's hard for me to reach you already?
baybe, can't you feel my love?
and baybe, can't you feel my struggle?
how bout my continous dance on the wire?
can't you see that either?
can't you tell the thoughts that run behind my eyes?
and can't you feel it's raining?
can't you see the drops runing down on my face?
can't you see ME?
and can't you hear my prayer for you to that god i don't believe in?
and can't you see all these rimeless words that i wrote?
oh, baybe, if you could only see me...
look at me...and see me...i'm there...i swear...