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Howling in the Distant Night

Posted to Action Poetry

walking fields of knowing
the time showing
color it grey
and the afternoon of
a solemn way
maybe the grasping caused
the delay and this confusion
was it only me brewing
stirring, this feeling stewing
tick- tock time keeps slippin'
capn' morgan that I be sippin'
never eases the wonder
the caught on the edge I'm under
self taught and gotta be
this instantaneous mass of honesty
I write and wriggle on the floor
watch the time tick- tock this nevermore
high atop this hill in baltimore
4 years ago i tried to settle the score
writin it all down
never kept it hid
was a fact of life that I did.......
then one day it was all gone
I was walking thru the park
writing this reggae song
"every morning when I wake up,
I be thinkin' bout the shake up.
is she puttin'on her makeup'
maybe thinking bout the break up?"
words....that walked in rhythm
spoke in time.....saved thee
as I wrote the feeling down
line by heartfelt line
realizing it's in the losing
that my feelings were stewing
and there is no get away
cause its the love
take it or leave it
that makes me live for
each and every day!.........WIREMAN