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my ingedients

Posted to Action Poetry

to make me live
in syrup and pancake stacks
seven year old tongue licks
add my bottle of wine
the love of my life
fifteen years
and a couple of hours
stir rapidly in a bowl
cause now i am free
from shackled ignorance
that cannot read milk cartons
much less real life
religious pamphlets for 15 cents
stapled to the forehead
of those without density
slippin out of socks
and into mis begotten words
needed for assurance
of another misunderstandin
i do not play in electric fences
to many self inflicted scars
already shaped upon my arms
to make it worthwhile
when i have my razor blades
and self loathin
i let in flap in the wind
to dance alone
like i choose to
for i have mine
ready to hold me tight
and let out heart beats
follow my fingers
on the grand pianos
bought for v-day
to release what
was once blood wrought
out of my soul
with animosity in the streets
of my mouth
times almost up
to take it out the oven
and serve chilled
like chambers of the heart